Belle and Sebastian EP “Books”


This poppy and funky EP released in 2004, by indie band Belle and Sebastian is definitely something to put on your list of releases to listen to. Books consists of four tracks; Your Cover’s Blown, Wrapped Up In Books, Your Secrets, and Cover (Version). Of these four tracks, Your Cover’s Blown is more the star of the show, not to mention it is the longest track on the EP; it has a sound that will cause involuntary foot-tapping and possibly dancing. It is a fast-paced funky song to say the least. The next track featured on the EP, Wrapped Up In Books, is actually not a new one. Wrapped Up In Books was first featured on Belle and Sebastian’s 2003 release, Dear Catastrophe Waitress. This track is slower paced than the first track, nevertheless, Wrapped Up In Books is just as enjoyable as the first track, thanks to Stuart Murdoch’s vocals. Next up is Your Secrets, being the calmest track of the four it balances the energy of the whole EP. Books is wrapped up with a remix cover of Your Cover’s Blown by  Belle and Sebastian’s keyboardist, Chris Geddes. The energy throughout the EP is so sensational and unwavering, you’ll be wondering why after 11 years of being released you are barely discovering it now.


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