Stop Telling Yourself You Won’t Like It and Just Listen Already

We all have favorite artists, favorite songs, and favorite albums. We learn the lyrics to our favorite tunes. We like the stuff we listen to. Why would we want to change that? Well, here’s why. There is so much other phenomenal music out there that you are missing out on! The next time a friend recommends something don’t falseheartedly say you will listen to it. You go home and you give it a good listen. I have discovered music that was recommended to me long ago and thought to myself; why the hell did I not listen to this earlier when so-and-so told me to? Finding new music is so easy, our music apps even suggest music for us. All we have to do is, you guessed it, listen to it. I know you can’t take a day off to solely listen to new tunes. So, make a list, an ongoing list, because real music-hungry people are always adding new stuff to their lists. Listen to one thing at a time when ever you can. You’ll find music that will become your new favorites. But, never feel like you can’t listen to your older favorites. You will find music that will make you feel like your ears will fall off. And when that does happen turn it off and go on to the next thing on your list. Just never force yourself to listen to something, after giving it a chance of course, if you can’t seem to get into it. And, remember, your taste in music evolves, so the music you don’t like right now you might love later down the road. About four years ago I tried listening to Radiohead and I just couldn’t get into it. But, just last November I tried again, with the push of my cousin and uncle (who have incredible music taste and have exposed me to music I love), and I listened to The Bends. It is now one of my favorite albums and that is all I need to say. And, one more thing, you might not like this, but it is very true. There will be music that you will outgrow, it just happens, like it or not. I will leave whoever is reading this with this, there is great music and there is music that is not so great on this planet but, you will never know which is which if you don’t try exploring.


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