“Shibboleth” Distinguishes Whitewash

First off, I just had to figure out what the hell Shibboleth even meant. So, let me share that with you. Shibboleth (pronounced shib-uh-lith) means a custom, principle, or belief that distinguishes a group. It’s origin is Hebrew; just thought I’d throw that in as well. Shibboleth definitely sets Whitewash apart, being that they have an amazing and unique sound. For some reason this album, for the most part, seems to be giving off a 90s vibe to me. I love the toy piano/xylophone sound towards the end of the Hunger Strike. And, at only 36 seconds, Stoked You Made It has a polished yet kinda lo-fi sound to it, which is awesome. I can imagine this track playing at a reunion with old friends. The percussion rhythm carries into Member, and the get-together-with-friends vibe continues.  About halfway through Pantomime the track slows down but there is a great guitar and drum build up that leads to the end of the song. It’s so great words aren’t necessary. Neon Loveseat takes me to an eighties underground hangout or club. The fuzziness in this track reminds me of the buzzing of neon lights. It’s a very smooth track and is probably my favorite song on the album. Then there’s Tentacle, which is my second favorite song on the album and was the first song I heard. This song that persuaded me to give the whole album a listen, was sent to me by Tree Machine Records, which also introduced me to Whitewash. Shibboleth ends with Reagan’s Death Star, the techno sound combined with the talking and news recording sounded sort of Daft Punk- like. It’s a short track, but closes the album very well.
Now that you’ve read this, go give Shibboleth a Listen.

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