Unapolegetically Obsessed With BØRNS’ “Dopamine” Right Now

I became captivated by BØRNS‘ dreamy falsetto voice back in June. I actually discovered his synth-pop rock single Electric Love on a commercial. After many tries I finally Shazammed Electric Love, and had a name to go with the track. I couldn’t stop listening to Electric Love for almost a month. Flash forward to about two weeks ago; I was in the car with my dad and I instinctively went for his phone to see the person who is behind the mesmerizing album that was playing. When I saw BØRNS on the phone screen, I melted inside. Up until that moment, the only dose of BØRNS I could get was his EP CandyAll I could think was: When did BØRNS put out an LP and how long have I not known about it? Dopamine is both a sweet dream and primal yet innocent kiss for your auditory senses. Dopamine begins with 10, 000 Emerald Poolswhich is actually an address in Las Vegas. With its airiness, 10, 000 Emerald Pools captures the feeling of being in another world when in love. We all know Electric Love already. Synth and guitar combine in  American Money, while BØRNS sings; “…take me to the paradise, In your eyes, Green like american money.” In The Emotion there is a bass and percussion rhythm combo you can feel in your chest. Not to mention BØRNS soaring voice. If there is one lyric line that can sum up this whole album it’s this one from The EmotionIslands under eyelidsIt’s a track that speaks to the soul and pulls the strings of emotion. Past Lives  is synth-y and eighties at the fullest, emulating high school dance vibes. Then there’s the title track Dopamine, which is very MGMT reminiscent, yet very much BØRNS‘ own. An enticing album of love songs, Dopamine is our obsession at this moment.


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