Indiana Talent You Should Really Know About

Back in August Tree Machine Records exposed us to some new music. Now, they’re doing just that once again. !mindparade is a “neo-psych/experimental project” based in Bloomington, Indiana. Originally the solo “bedroom” project of Alex Arnold, it has evolved into a “dynamic cast of musicians.” Starting out with releasing 5-song Everything EP, !mindparade has since released their first LP Everything is Happening in 2012 and is set to release a second LP, Dead Mystics, on December 20th . To sum up !mindparade‘s style in one sentence; it is ultra-experimental yet nonchalant pyschedelic pop rock. From including clarinet (yes, that instrument that practically everyone played in middle school band) to flat out rap in Somehow Part I & II, !mindparade is a pro when it comes to the element of surprise because, nothing they do is predictable.


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