Q&A Session With Argonaut & Wasp

Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife, released back in July, is the latest release from Argonaut & Wasp, Brooklyn, NY based funk-rock band. Argonaut & Wasp is: Trey Schibli (producer/guitarist/lead vocalist), Theo Klein (producer/synth/vocalist), Alec Donkin (bassist), Adam November (lead guitarist), and Chris Corisco (drummer). Early in 2015 they release their EP Future Protocol. Here Trey and Theo take some time to share when new music is coming, where the track art Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife came   from, and their experience getting to SXSW.

Alternative World: Is Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife going to be followed by more new music or an EP?

Argonaut & Wasp: We’re probably going to be releasing music in the next two months. A new song in January, plus video content.

Alternative World: The track art for Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife  is really cool? Who’s work is it?

Argonaut & Wasp: Alec Donkin, our bass player. He’s a super talented graphic artist. He came up with the concept of the cigarette box.

Alternative World: So when did you two meet?

Argonaut & Wasp: We met and started making music our sophomore year in college, in Vermont.

Alternative World: Have you guys performed live a lot?

Argonaut & Wasp: We’ve played at a lot New York clubs. The Mercury Lounge is one. We played three clubs in Boston. In Vermont we would play like two shows a week, which was crazy because we were still students.

Alternative World: Do you guys have any interesting stories about playing live?

Argonaut & Wasp: Yeah, SXSW. Probably like a year ago.

Alternative World: Oh yeah. How so?

Argonaut & Wasp: (Trey) It’s [SXSW] all just a blur. The backstory is we played a duo show before going to SXSW. The show ended at one in the morning and we drove back to Vermont. Theo actually went to class the next day. I booked the wrong flight and ended up in Houston. I had to ride in a bus filled with ex cons to get to Austin. I had like three to maybe five hours at the most of sleep in two days.

Alternative World: What was something you guys listened to growing up that you really liked?

Argonaut & Wasp: (Trey) ACDC. I heard it on the radio. My dad told me who they were, and I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever heard. ACDC‘s Back in Black was the first record I bought.

(Theo) U2‘s Pop. It was the first record that I actually listen to the whole album.

Argonaut & Wasp have their own studio in Brooklyn  where they work on their own music and other projects’ music.

Argonaut & Wasp will be releasing a new track on January 12.

Argonaut & Wasp EP Future Protocol and single Cigarettes & My Beautiful Wife are both on Spotify and SoundCloud.


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