Check-in Q&A with Coast Modern

Alternative World: So, how’s life? What’s going on for Coast Modern?
Coast Modern: Life is a whirlwind behind the scenes, but on the surface it’s ~smooth sailing~. We just finished two weeks of intense writing and recording.
AW: So, Hollow Life was up on on Alt Nation’s Alt 18 for a while? It was even ahead of a Coldplay song at one point. Pretty exciting stuff. How do you guys feel about this?
CM: We were tripping out just to have our song touch a satellite and beam into people’s cars across the country. But to be with such a good group of bands week after week, as voted by the people is incredible. We’ve also been meeting really nice folks from all over the country who heard us on Alt Nation (space radio), so that’s really cool.
AW: In the last Q&A Luke mentioned you guys were working on a “proper live experience.” How is that going (or how did it go)?
CM: We found some very rad humans and are hitting the rehearsal room. Might buy some potted plants and lights too. We’ll be on a stage sooner than you know it 😉
AW: How is working on new music going? Any fresh new music coming soon? Release date maybe even?
CM: We have been exploring some far-out sounds. If the rock n roll gods smile upon us we’ll see some new stuff hit the webs in the next few months.
AW: Will new any new music coming from Coast Modern have a similar sound to Hollow Life or will it be a different sound style?
CM: We’re pushing at the edges of our bubble right now. Our sound varies a lot because we love so much different music and don’t care about fitting into one scene. But I think it all has our voice (figuratively and literally) that ties it all together.
AW: What new music releases are you guys looking forward to in 2016?
CM: LCD Soundsystem, Santigold, Eliot Sumner, Miike Snow, Kanye… and our album, of course
AW: Lastly, do you guys have any goals or big plans for Coast Modern or, even just for your selves, for the new year?
CM: We want to kiss all of our fans on the mouth in 2016. Release an album, play really sweaty shows everywhere, meet everyone. I want to explore more, read more, and stare at glowing screens less.

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