Catching up with Argonaut & Wasp

Theo Klein and Alec Donkin of Argonaut & Wasp took some time to talk about remixes of their single The Sneeze, performing a Rolling Stones cover at book release, and much more.

Alternative World: So, how is the summer in Brooklyn? What are you guys up to on top of making new music?

Theo Klein: This summer in Brooklyn has been real nice. We have been writing, recording, and practicing tons of new music. We just finished up an EP which we plan to release quite soon…. So be on the look-out for that. We also shot multiple music videos, went wardrobe shopping, and cooked many a bbq.

Alternative World: What new music have you guys been into or looking forward to? Any music releases you guys were surprised by or really dug?

Alec Donkin: There is a record that just came out by Jordan Rakei called “Cloak” and I just can’t stop listening to it. It’s a wonderful blend of classic soul with cues taken from modern hip-hop.

Theo Klein: The Total Giovanni boys do it up. Great tunes, great grooves.

Alternative World: So you guys put out a pretty rad Beast of Burden cover. Are you guys Stones fans? Where does Argonaut& Wasp stand on the whole Beatles/Rolling Stones divide?

Argonaut & Wasp: We were given the very unique opportunity by Rich Cohen, co-writer of the TV series Vinyl, to perform at the book opening for his recent release, The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones. He asked us if we could incorporate some Stones into our set and we happily worked out arrangements of some of the greats, Beast of Burden being one of them. Around the same time we were recording at Germano Studios in the same live room where Keith Richards cut his latest album. The timing worked out so well that we just decided that we just had to make this record.

In terms of the Beatles/Stones divide, I think we all probably have our favorites…..
Alternative World: The artwork for the cover is pretty cool, no surprise since you guys always include insanely cool artwork. The artwork here is kinda ambiguous.
The artwork is by the ever talented Patrick Elmore. He had created this art and when we saw it we knew we wanted to use it for something. When we were thinking about art for this release, it had the correct vibe and we just went with it.
Alternative World: Argonaut & Wasp released a couple remixes of your single The Sneeze. Where did the idea of putting out remixes come from? Who are the remixes by?
Argonaut & Wasp: Yes. Super excited about that release. Remixes are always fun because they give new life to a song that you never thought was possible. We were so excited when The Sneeze hit 200k plays on SoundCloud that we decided it would be fun to pull together and release a remix package. Our friends bad tuner and Glassio cooked up some great reworks of the track. We even had the pleasure of having a big chicken and sausage dinner on the roof to celebrate with them!
Alternative World: So what should listeners expect from Argonaut & Wasp from here? Do you guys have stuff in the works?
Argonaut & Wasp: Yes! Lots of new music in the works. Really excited to get it out, share it with yall…. And then get back to writing more. We are playing a lot this summer.


We are especially excited for the Bowery Electric dates (our residency this August in NYC). We had the pleasure of curating four nights of partying with our friends: OXYMORRONS, Topaz Jones, CAFUNÉ, MOOD ROBOT, Episode, Clay and Friends, KOPPS, Lost Cousins, and Claire Ridgely.

We will be working closely with our lighting designer and projection guru, patchbae, to make each night unique and funky.

Alternative World: Lastly, are you guys partaking in the whole Pokémon Go fiasco?

 Argonaut & Wasp: No on the pokemon go.
 The Sneeze remixes are on SoundCloud. Listen here.

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