Review-Bartholin’s debut self-titled EP

Based out of Provo, Utah, Bartholin is a collaboration between singer-songwriter Drew Danburry and Cat Leavy. Released September 29, 2016 self-title EP Bartholinis the first release by the duo.

“A conversation between friends about sex,” and “an exploration into the Freudian subconscious” is how Bartholin describes their project.

Bartholin has put together a sublime blend of innocence and primal emotion with their first EP.

Starting off with “Peristalis,” an adult lullaby with subtle but driving electronic forces. Cat Leavy’s vocals on “Tinder Sex” are confident and airy but are paired well with the almost R&B percussion. “Paraphones,” the highlight of the album, is perfect, due to its soothing simplicity. Bass heavy, hypnotic, and sophisticated “Ma Jolie” is completely in French. And if you are not won over by Bartholin by this point, Drew Danburry‘s vocals on “In Search Of” will definitely finish up the job. Leavy’s signature vocals are haunintgly beautiful in gypsy ritual-like “Black Adder.”

Bartholin debuted the EP through Tree Machine Records.

Listen here.


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