Bloomington six-piece, Ladycop share single “Undercurrent”

“Undercurrent” is the second single off the upcoming EP Undercurrent brought to you by dreamy and driven Ladycop. A “six-piece music project based in Bloomington, IN.”


Describing themselves as “an outpour of melodic tidal waves, held down by propelling rhythm and psychy-guitar riffs,” their genre is a flow between “melodic rock, dream pop, and neo-psychedelia.”

“Songwriter/vocalist Chelsea Sherman teamed up with guitarist/producer Alex Arnold (!mindparade) at Timeghost Studios in the winter of 2015. During production of what would become Undercurrent EP, the band began performing as a full lineup that summer. Ladycop has since been performing regionally throughout the Midwest, launching DIY tours across Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.”

Ladycop is releasing their debut Undercurrent EP on CD and limited edition pink-purple swirl tape cassette via Tree Machine Records, available November 11th


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