Review: Ladycop – Undercurrent

Undercurrent is the debut EP of Ladycop, six-piece melodic dream-rock project out of Bloomington, IN. Revolving around three part vocal harmony and keyboard arrangement, Ladycop presents an outpour of melodic tidal waves, held down by propelling rhythm and psychy-guitar riffs. Their genre flows between dreamy yet hard-driving rock and neo-psychedelia. The lineup consists of Chelsea Sherman, Alex Arnold, Kenzie Main, Biz Strother, Charles Roldan, and Kyle Houpt.

In opening track, “Alaska,” the theme,  celestial and airy vocals, is established by the vocal harmony trio. “Aether,” one of the most dynamic tracks pairs airy vocals and strings with electric guitar.

“Femme” hits the ground running with its a progressive riff, that likens something off Cage the Elephant’s Tell Me I’m Pretty. When listening to “Femme” images of that band of girls down the street that run your neighborhood taking over the local church choir service in to their own hands come to mind.

Ladycop is releasing their debut Undercurrent EP on CD and limited edition pink-purple swirl tape cassette via Tree Machine Records, available November 11th.

Check out Undercurrent here:








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